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Who is who?!

Who is who
IntoGymnastics is an initiative from Juliet Brokken and Pascale Pille but would not excist without the help of everyone who is into gymnastics. Professionals who are willing to voluntarily put effort into this young company.

IntoGymnastics is a new gymnastics website founded in februari 2015 and went online april 2015. It contains information, news, pictures and fun facts for everyone who is into gymnastics. The news will be based on the gymnastics world, especially about the Dutch gymnasts.

Next to news and interviews IntoGymnastics will also be a database for every Dutch national teammember. Fun things to learn about these gymnasts like biography’s results and opinions.
For everyone who wants to know more about these gymnasts, this website will update them regularly.

IntoGymnastics will also be revealing with new items like a library and many more to come. We always try to link international news to our Dutch gymnasts.

Intogymnastics uses sponsors and advertisement to cover the costs, but will always remain objective. A lot of volunteers work for IntoGymnastics, within their own expertise and they are well entengled in the gymnastics world.

IntoGymnastics. A professional website with quality content for everybody who is into gymnastics!

IntoGymnastics is a professional website with high quality content for everybody who is into gymnastics. We are more than just a gymnastics website. Next to news, successtories and emotion IntoGymnastics will bring new subjects straight from the gymnastics world and we try to always be unique and revealing.

IntoGymnastics does not try to compete with other media in the gymnastics world because we believe everyone contributes with their own thing. IntoGymnastics wants stand out with things we feel are missing, try to always be complete and revealing. Because we stand for the fact that gymnastics is more than news, emotion and succes.

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