Chusovitina on to her 7th Olympics?

Glasgow - After the first subdivision Oksana Chusovitina is ranked third in the all around with 52,998. Is she on her way to her seventh Olympic Games?

The all around is not really Chuso's thing. She excells on vault. "In the bundesliga I also competed all around. It is not that hard, I focus on the all around for about a year now." During qualification this living legend competed the Produnova for the first time. A front handspring with a double summersault. Only one of very few female gymnasts who have ever competed it. "This Produnova vault feels a lot better than all that twisting. My hand slipped of my knee, so I messed up this time, but normally this feels much better." When asked why she wants to take the risk, she confidently awsners:"I do still have a lot of time before the Olympics, it feels good. I don't have any fear!"

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