Third ticket to Baku still for the grabs for Dutch man

BEEKBERGEN - Last week three female and two male gymnasts got selected for the Dutch team for the European Games in Baku. A third male gymnast will be added, but it is uncertain which guys still have a shot to get this last ticket.


Frank Rijken during the second qualifier in Twello

Surprisingly the Dutch federation chose to select three women, while only two men got selected. The NOCNSF website published friday that a third man will be added later, but the Dutch gymnastics federation didn’t announce anything about that yet. Casimir Schmidt and Karl Kozstka already secured their spot for the first European Games, but the third ticket is still up for the grabs. The Dutch federation did not publish which gymnast are still in the running for the third ticket but they did change the information on their website

Bram Verhofstad tijdens tweede kwalificatie in Twello

Bram Verhofstad during the second qualifier in Twello

Frank Rijken could not show his full potential during the qualifications because of an injury. He competed on three events. Justen Zuidema and Rick Jacobs pulled out of the qualifications earlier this month. Bram Verhofstad only scored 68.40 during the second qualification, while Schmidt posted a personal best of 85.5 points. According to the Dutch federation they will announce the third male teammember for Baku on june 4th.

Geselecteerde dames voor Baku. Foto door Wieke Hoeke

Selected women for Baku

On the womens side Lieke Wevers, Celine van Gerner and Lisa Top took the three tickets to Baku. Wevers managed to won both qualifiers with over 55 points. Directly after the second qualification she therefor secured her spot. The tickets to Azerbeidzjan for Van Gerner and Top where announced friday after ending up in the top 3 both qualifications. Van Pol and Ruikes where the other women who competed but they did not qualify.

Other international gymnasts named

Austria: Mader(AUT), Stabinger(AUT), Mannersdorfer(AUT), Schwab(AUT), Hock(AUT), Leimlehner(AUT).

Belgium: Cindy Vandenhole(BEL), Lisa Verschueren(BEL), Gaelle Mys(BEL), Jimmy Verbaeys(BEL), Gilles Gentes(BEL), Luka van den Keybus(BEL).

Denmark: Helge Vammen(DEN), Mette Hulgaard(DEN), Michelle Vitting Lauritsen(DEN), Linnea Hojer Wang(DEN).

France: Axel Augis(FRA), Jim Zona(FRA), Arnoud Willig(FRA), Marine Brevet(FRA), Anne Khum(FRA), Valentine Pikul(FRA).

Great Britain: Tyesha Mattis(GBR), Kelly Simm(GBR), Rebecca Tunney(GBR), Nile Wilson(GBR), Brinn Bevan(GBR), Frank Baines(GBR).

Iceland: Hermansdottir(ISL), Belanyi(ISL), Robertsdottir(ISL), Reinhardsson(ISL).

Italy: Tea Ugrin(ITA), Giorgia Campana(ITA), Alessia Leolini(ITA).

Netherlands: Celine van Gerner(NED), Lisa Top(NED), Lieke Wevers(NED), Karl Kozstka(NED), Casimir Schmidt(NED).

Lithuania: Vaida Zitinevicuite(LTU), Rokas Guscinas(LTU).

Norway: Stian Skjerahaug(NOR), Marcus Conradi(NOR), Pietro Giachino(NOR), Martine Rustøen(NOR), Sofie Bråthen(NOR), Dina Nygaard(NOR).

Slovenia: Sasa Golob(SLO)

Suisse: Steingruber(SUI), Barloggio(SUI), Diacci(SUI), Serhani(SUI), Yusof(SUI), Meier(SUI).

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