First Worlds team medal for Great Brittain guys, Japan takes the gold

GLASGOW – After winning bronze with the girls, Great Brittain won their first worlds team medal with they guys team as well. They took the silver after a shivering final. Japan wins the gold medal, even though Uchimura made it quite close when he took a fall on the last apparatus. China gets the bronze just ahead of Russia and USA, that faulters on their last event.

Great Brittain made a name for themselves during these worlds, medaling on both the girls and the guys team. They earn the silver with their clean routines. Japan takes the gold. Uchimura takes a fall with his cassina on their last event highbar. He needs a fourteen to overcome Great-Brittain but even with the fall he manages to do so. China is getting better and better during the competition and they win the bronze.

Japan started off strong on floor. Twisting king Shirai scored a massive 16.325. Brazil started to competition on vault with decent vaults. Great Brittain start on the nerve wracking pommel horse but says on. Whitlock scores a very high 15,7, even though he has to push through his dismount. USA is on rings and with specialist Wynn they score a 45,066 all together. China entered the floor after this and has decent routines. Korea was on vault with high scoring Kim with a very clean tripple twisting yurchenko for a 9,4 E-score. Russia is good on pommels without any major mistakes and Suisse is on rings with ok routines but stuck their double double dismounts.

In the second rotation Suisse is a bit shaky on vault with Capelli sitting down his front handspring double front and the next gymnast falling over on his tsuk double pike. Korea was good on bars. The first two gymnasts made some little mistakes but the third one Woo makes up for it with a 15.433. USA on vault very strong with Ruggeri and Whittenburg, but Naddour almost sits down his vault. Brazil faulters on bars with a fall from Campos Souza. China takes a fall on pommel horse while Russia is not flawless on rings. Japan handles the pommel horse well and the teamspirit is clearly visable. Great Brittain has tiny errors on rings but make it trough.
During the third rotation Great Brittain is very strong on vault with three scores over fitheen. USA is also good on bars with a 15,6 for Whittenburg and a 15,8 for Leyva. He will also compete in finals next Sunday. Russia is on vault with a high scoring Abliazin (15,7). Suisse has a very good rotation on bars, with all three scoring over fiftheen. Brazil is on high bar and needs to take a fall. Barretto Junior is down on his Kolman. Oyakawa Mariana cleans up with a good routine for a 15.166. Japan is on rings. Not their best apparatus but they still hit clean routines. China is also on rings and they score very well. Two of their gymnasts will also be in this apparatus final next Saturday and today they showed us why. Original, clean routines. Korea competes on highbar with a bit sloppy form.

China is on vault during the fourth rotation with three scores over 15,2. On floor Korea can’t stay close with two gymnasts making major mistakes. Japan is perfect on vault and Brazil does a good job on floor with Hypolito scoring a 15.322. Suisse is on highbar with Breagger scoring a very high 15.433. Russia is very strong on bars with 15,2 15,4 and 15,6. They rise to the bronze medal position for now. Great Brittain drops down to fourth after parallel bars, with some minor mistakes from Wilson. USA is currently ranked second and is strong on highbar with Ruggeri (15.466) and Leyva (15.666). Leyva will also compete on this apparatus during finals Sunday.

Fifth rotation is floor for USA and you can almost feel the tention in the team. Is it possible to medal? Great-Brittain is good on bars with three 15+ routines. Suisse is good on floor but not in the position to be aiming for a medal. China makes up for the mistakes they made earlier. They are ranked third thanks to a 16.066 for Shudi. Brazil can’t stay on pommels with a fall for Barretto Junior, but Oyakawa Mariano does do a good routine for 14,466. What a delight to watch this gymnast. If every gymnast is like him, always happy after every routine, gymnastics would be a party for everyone. The optimism he shows is contagious. Great Brittain competes clean on highbar, just some small errors from Nile Wilson. Korea is clean on pommel horse but can’t contend for a medal anymore. Russia is a little sloppy on highbar, but show some impressive skills.

During the last rotation USA will try to keep it up on the pommelhorse. But Leyva can’t handle the pressure and can’t complete his routine as he would have liked. Whittenburg is second up and he also isn’t able to keep it up. He needs to improvise and that shows. Now it’s up to Naddour. He needs to score a high fiftheen to claim the bronze medal. He can’t make every combination like he wants to and his score won’t be high enough to do so. Now this opens the door for Great-Brittain. They can get the bronze but with an outstanding routine for Max Whitlock even the silver or gold is possible. Uchimura needs to hit a fourtheen to claim the gold. But he misses his Cassina. He is flawless after that and now the big nail biting begins. He scores a 14.466 and Japan will get the gold with 270,818. Great Brittain will get the historical silver medal with 270,350. The roof comes off in the arena, what an exciting moment fort hem. China gets the bronze, just ahead of Russia and USA. Suisse is in sixth, Korea in seventh and Brazil in eight.

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