Van Gelder won’t return to Rio for finals

ARNHEM - Van Gelder had his short proceedings today for the case against the National Olympic Comittee. They decided to send him back home and van Gelder wanted this to be reversed. The judge did a written verdict. He says the decision to send the atlethe home was valid. Trial process Van Gelders was visibly touched in court, but as hawkish as he is he wanted to reach only one thing. To take part in Olympic still rings final next monday.


His lawyer Hellingman demonstrates that everything is blown up and Yuri only took a few beers and did not enter the night club. "After a succesful qualification competition I always do that," van Gelder says calm but resentful. He picked up his girlfriend and his teammate Jeffrey Wammes up at the night club and didn't even go beyond the cash desk. That is all. Hellingman: "Back in the Olympic village he wasn't drunk and he didn't bother anyone in his sleep. Yes, he missed one morning workout, but recovers well." Later on during the process van Gelder confirms that. "Everyone knew where I was. I wasn't aware of the fact that I did something wrong." Also van Gelder explains that he misses the first training after qualification more often, because the strenght it takes to compete. The 'morning after' training he never does much. This is also the case for the last day before qualifications.

The morning after the 'night out', van Gelder seemed to have given his teammates Deurloo, Zonderland and Rijken an incoherent story. According to Knijff, NOC-NSF's lawyer, he told them he got some Desperados sponsored. Knijff: "Van Gelder looked confused to the drawee." Later it looks like this, and the fact that coach Bram van Bokhoven and Yuri came to a breach of trust, were the main reasons to send van Gelder home. Meanwhile we see van Gelder shaking his head, he does not agree. Knijff motivates what we need to expect from an elite atlethe and outlines what 'good behaviour' means. For a layperson it's still a grey area.

Even coach Bram van Bokhoven is part of the conversation here. Hellingman indicates that when coach is not trusting the atlethe anymore, this should be mentioned and talked about. In his opinion there was never a conversation, only interrogation.


Around 3.30 PM Dutch time the judge gave his verdict. He stated van Gelder was sent home for valid reasons. The complete verdict will be available as soon as possible. Van Gelder chose to receive this kind of 'short proceeding' because of everything that needed to be fixed for when he did get the possibiliy to travel back to Rio.

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