Preview; Beamfinal with Sanne Wevers

RIO – Today is the day Sanne Wevers will compete in her beamfinal. For the first time in history, a Dutch gymnasts qualified for this final. She will compete against Simone Biles, who allready earned three Olympic golds this week. Together with Greek gymast Vasiliki Millousi, Turkish Tutya Yilmaz and former Dutch Olympian Suzanne Harmes, we look forward to tonights final.

“The level in this final is very high,” says Vasiliki Millousi, who did not score high enough during qualification, to compete in this final. “All the girls got something unique. I think today we see the girls who had less nerves during qualification.” If we take a look at Sanne Wevers, her quality lies in combining leaps and pirouettes, the artistic part of the routine. “I love Sanne Wevers’ style, I am a big fan of the artistic part of gymnastics. I think it’s more important than difficulty,” thus Millousi. If we look at the other gymnasts in this final, Romanian veteran Catalina Ponor is also one of the artistic gymnasts. She was the Olympic champion on this apparatus in 2004 and is the only Romanian gymnast during these Rio Olympics.


The less artistic gymnasts, get their difficulty out of acrobatic combinations. Brazilian cutie Saraiva, USA’s first year senior Hernandez and teammate Biles belong tot his catogory on beam. Hernandez also scored the highest execution score during qualification with 8,966. Biles qualified in first and is the two time world champion on this event. "The disadvantages of having lots of acrobatic skills in your beam routine is that you can get tired easily," explains Turkish Tutya Yilmaz uit, die als derde reserve staat voor deze finale. "The possibility to make a mistake is higher,you have to be stronger so it is more risky to have lots of acrobatic skills on your beam routine."

“I think when Sanne showes the routine she is capable of, she definitely has medal chances,” Suzanne Harmes says confidently. Wevers qualified in fourth, behind the two American girls and Brazilian Saraiva. She is the fourth gymnast in this final, in between Biles and Ponor. “Sanne Wevers is so elegant and I think has a potential to win a medal because she has the difficulty and she is so clean," tells Tutya Yilmaz. "Her routine is so hard because she is doing lots of jumps and turn connections. But I think if she hits her routine she has a big chance to win a medal!" We willl also see Chinese Fan Yilin and Marine Boyer from France, who won the European silver medal this year. Isabela Onyshko from Canada, will also compete in this beamfinal. She is the current Canadian champion on this event and scored the second highest D-score in qualification.

We will also miss some beam specialists during today’s final, amongst them Greek beauty Vasilikii Millousi. She wasn’t the only one dealing with nerves during qualification. Italian Ferlito and Meneghini will also be missed. Russia failed to qualify any gymnast fort his final and there will also be no German and Great-Brittain girls. “I want to advise the girls to stay calm,” Miloussi says. “And besides that, they need to go out have fun and shine!” Former Dutch elite Suzanne Harmes explains how she handled the Olympic pressure. “You do realise that you are in the Olympic Games, but I focussed the way I would do during every other competition. When you put pressure on the fact that you are competing in the Olympics, the nerves will get to you. I just tried to focus and be prepared like I always used to do.”

The beamfinal will start after two mens finals. At 7.00 pm Dutch time, the still rings final will be held, follewed by the vault final. Sanne Wevers and her fellow beamfinalists will start around 08.45 pm Dutch time.

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