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Today it’s time for the All-Around finals fort he men in which Bart Deurloo will take part. He qualified in fourteenth place. He will amongst others, compete with the current Olympic Champion and six time World All-Around Champion Uchimura and European Champion Verniaiev. How will they compete tonight?


Michel Bletterman was part of the Dutch team towards the Olympic Games, but wasn’t selected to be on the team in Rio. Despite missing his Olympics, he follows everything: “I expected Bart to make a final, and I also hoped Frank would have made one,”Bletterman explaines. Deurloo did a fine job during qualification, but Bletterman thinks he can perform even better. “He had some minor faults. When you do not stick all the landings, that will infect the scores immediately.” So there will be some tenths to gain in this final. If we look at the scores from qualification, we’ll see that he got the most deductions on highbar, but he does have his highest difficulty score on that apparatus. Vault had the highest excecution score and this is his lowest D score routine. On the other apparatus his E-score was between 8,1 and 8,4. “I just think he is really focussed,” coach from Bart Deurloo’s club Rob Stout states. “He knows what he has to do.”

Chances for a medal
A lot of people expect the gold medal to go to Either Uchimura or Verniaiev. Yin Alvarez, USA coach, says: “I think everyone has a shot in the final, but in my mind Verniaiev has the biggest shot. I know most people won’t agree with me.” Uchimura is the big favorite, but during qualification he took a fall on high bar. “I think Bart looks up to Uchimura, Dutch teammate Bletterman explains. “I guess everyone in the gymnastics world does. He is like a robot.” Bletterman points tot he fact that Uchimura al ready has six world All-Around titles and is the current Olympic Champion. In Japan, he is a celebrity. Uchimura scores 90,498 in qualification with a fall of high bar. Verniaiev qualified about on and a half point ahead of Uchimura. He did not go all out during the teamfinal on Monday, to be sure he will be a 100% today. He qualified for Pommel Horse, Vault, Parellel Bars and High Bar final too while Uchimura won the team title Tuesday and qualified for Floor Excersize final. The fight fort he bronze medal, will be between a lot of guys.” Yin Alvarez says. Belyavskiy, Deng and Wilson also did a good job during qualifications. So it will be an exciting competition tonight. The fans will also cheer for Sasaki, who is on home soil tonight. He qualified in eighth position. Rob Stout thinks Great-Brittain will take a spot on the podium. “They are real fighters. Thats what surprises me every time. Max Whitlock and Nile Wilson could definitely sneak the bronze medal. And the way Whitlock competed on pommels during teamfinal, OUT OF THIS WORLD!”

USA will also be represented during this final with Mikulak and Brooks. Mikulak was seventh in qualification, despite a fall on pommel horse. Former teammate of Mikulak at the University of Michigan, Syque Ceasar, thinks Mikulak wasn’t at his best during qualification. “He fell off pommels. The other apparatus were okay. He is definitely in the running for a medal. He looked very cal mand confident during the team finals the other day.” Next to Mikulak in AA finals will be Chris Brooks. “Brooks also wasn’t at his best in qualification, Ceasar explains. “He also fell of pommel horse. Brooks has a little less difficulty compared to Mikulak, but executes all his routines very well. I don’t expect him to medal, unless he is flawless and others make mistakes.”

“Bart has really nice lines,” Syque Ceasar states. Bart Deurloo qualified in fourteenth place. It would be a nice accomplishment to end in the top ten tonight. Bletterman thinks there might be room for more and has faith in his teammate. “I think i twill be difficult to get into the top three, but nothing is impossible. He deserves it.”


Competitors AA Final:

1 191 UKR VERNIAIEV Oleg 91.964 Qualified
2 154 JPN UCHIMURA Kohei 90.498Qualified
3 176 RUS BELYAVSKIY David 89.799 Qualified
4 116 CHN DENG Shudi 89.665 Qualified
5 139 GBR WILSON Nile 89.240 Qualified
6 151 JPN KATO Ryohei 89.232 Qualified
7 195 USA MIKULAK Samuel 89.041 Qualified
8 112 BRA SASAKI Sergio 88.898Qualified
9 178 RUS KUKSENKOV Nikolai 88.848Qualified
10 117 CHN LIN Chaopan 88.631 Qualified
11 111 BRA MARIANO Arthur 88.465 Qualified
12 138 GBR WHITLOCK Max 88.232 Qualified
13 121 COL CALVO MORENO Jossimar Orlando 87.506 Qualified
14 164 NED DEURLOO Bart 86.990Qualified
15 123 CUB LARDUET Manrique 86.814 Qualified
16 108 BLR LIKHOVITSKIY Andrey 86.765 Qualified
19 192 USA BROOKS Christopher 86.331 Qualified
20 106 AZE STEPKO Oleg 86.208Qualified
21 181 SUI BRAEGGER Pablo 86.199 Qualified
22 143 GER NGUYEN Marcel 86.098Qualified
23 131 FRA AUGIS Axel 86.032 Qualified
24 140 GER BRETSCHNEIDER Andreas 85.698 Qualified
25 184 SUI YUSOF Eddy 85.365 Qualified
26 125 CYP GEORGIOU Marios 85.289 Qualified


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